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  • Over 61 stories, organized just like a music album to sync perfectly with your Apple Music app or your favorite mp3 player.
    • A single mega-file with all of the stories one after another uninterrupted and with minimal distractions and zero jump scares, and all of the original stories in 61 different mp3 files.
    • Order now to be the first to get them. And of course, as always get easy returns and cancellations in case you do not wish to keep the files.

As soon as you pay with a credit card, you’ll get instant access for all of the stories without the ads through the download page. You can listen to them on iPhone, Android, and any computer with an mp3 player such as VLC, Windows Media Player, and many other free apps. Once you gain access to the stories, you can download them to your computer and sync to your phone, or stream them directly.

Prices are per download of your choosing and are in United States Dollar (USD). All applicable fees and taxes are included. The entire Season One Collection is $19.99 USD.

You will receive one mp3 audio file with all of the stories in order, uninterrupted and without intros/outros, no announcements, and no advertisements.
Along with that file, you will receive access to 61 other mp3 audio files with the following stories:
The Creatures from the Hills
The Phenomenon of Time Skipping
Evil Items
A Light Coming from my Closet
The Ghost From The Truck Stop
Nightmares Are Real
Death in a Car
The Mystery Man From The Shed
Unwanted Night Crew
The Hotel Guest
My Dog Sees Something Down the Hall
I Know What’s Hiding in the Box
The Creepy Neighbor
I Hope The Caller Is Dead
A Dead Man Calling For Help
Never Record Yourself While You Sleep
There’s An Old Lady Who Visits My Dreams
My Dead Friend Is Still On Facebook
Leave The Graveyard
The Little Girl Watching You From The Foot Of Your Bed
I’m Not Afraid Of This House
My Grandmother’s Roommate
Beware of Rideshare Apps
Make Sure The Dead Are Dead
The Ice Cream Man
The Abandoned Grocery Store
The Legend of the Fisherman
The Woman in the Middle of the Road
The Apparition in my Dorm Room
The Blinds
The Last Airbnb
People Just Pass Through Here
Emotional Children
A Small Curvy Road
The Laughing Man
The Woman from the Shadows
Death Song
A Car Seat for my Baby
The Ritual: Everything Has a Price
My Childhood Friend Disappeared
The Smell of Roses
Handprints on my Car
Becky’s Story
Sandra’s Portrait
Number Does Not Exist
A Patch Just for Me
Little Steps
The Old Man From My Nightmares
Blinking Lights
Running Buddy
The Doll House
The Jar
Water Bill
The Girl Who Lived Upstairs
…and 12 other stories.

No. You pay a only for what you want and that’s it. The secure transaction will happen through our payment service (Gumroad). If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email at edwin@scarypod.com

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